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July 2015


Hep B GIVEN AT BIRTH,0.pdf?hc_location=ufi

2, 4 and 6 MONTHS

  • Infanrix Hexa:

  • Prevnar 13:

  • Rotateq:


  •  Menitorix:

  • MMR II


  • Priorix Tetra


  • Proquad:


  • Infanrix IPV

  • MMR II or Priorix is given(see above for insert)


  • Varivax or Varilirix (in order)


  • Gardasil

YEAR 7-10 OF SECONDARY (12-16 YEARS OF AGE) – depends on the school/provider

  • Boostrix


  • Adacel

OR Boostrix (see above)


  • Fluarix Tetra

  • Fluvax (not for under 5s)

  • Vaxigrip (adults) or Vaxigrip Junior (for children)


Media Statement from Involuntary Medication Objectors Party

MichaelO'Neill profileimop-site2

Hi, my name is Michael O’Neill and I am from the Involuntary Medication Objectors Party.

We are here to give a voice to the tens of thousands of Australians who have been ignored by the government and vilified by the press for their informed choice to reject the highly questionable government sponsored Vaccination Program.

In April 2015 the Federal Government introduced a proposal to remove vaccination exemptions based on conscientious and religious grounds, as well as plans to cancel childcare rebates and family tax benefits for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. This is to begin January, 2016 and immediately garnered bipartisan support from both the Labor party and the Greens.

Conscientious objecting parents believe the government is putting them in the impossible position of having to choose between feeding and housing their families and vaccinating their children against their will. This is not legal consent, it is unconstitutional and unethical.


Currently we have Queensland moving to ban unvaccinated children from childcare. This is again using coercion as a method of ensuring pharmaceutical policy enforcement. We need a voice for the rights of Australians to not have medication enforced upon them.

We also raise questions and issues that remain silent in government and media discussions. A calm and open conversation is required. This is essential in any free and open society, as well as broader rights and freedoms of Australians within environmental sustainability.

We also believe that Australians should not have fluoridation as an enforced policy, and we wish to highlight European countries that do not fluoridate based upon recommendations of people like Dr Arvid Carlson, Nobel laureate in medicine.

We would you like you to sign up as a member so we can take these concerns to Canberra and provide a voice that is not being heard. It is free. And it is essential that we maintain our rights over our bodies in order to remain free.

Thank you very much and I wish you all the best. If you would like to join please go to


Anti Vaccination protests over No Jab No pay

Sydney Protesters Demand freedom to not vaccinate

No Jab No Pay No Way March Sydney

NO JAB, NO PAY PROTEST RALLIES ~ June 21 ~ Damien Poulsen & Sallie O. Elkordy

Dr Rima interviews organiser of No Jab No Pay protests Damien Poulsen

Pro-choice and freedom activists announce day of activism against Abbott’s “ No jab, no pay, no play” policy

Michael O’Neill is founder of the newly formed Involuntary Medical Objectors Party and spoke in front of Sydney Town Hall at the No Jab No Pay? No Way Protest on June 21st 2015

We don’t want an adult vaccination register in Australia

We don’t want an adult vaccination register in Australia

Sydney No Jab No Pay Protest Rally June 21st – What you didn’t see on mainstream media !



Nationwide Protests with an estimated 2000 people in attendance were held simultaneously in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Tasmania on June 21, 2015  in opposition to the federal government’s new ‘No Jab, No Pay’ welfare reforms.  In April 2015 the Federal Government introduced a proposal to remove vaccination exemptions based on conscientious and religious grounds, as well as plans to cancel childcare rebates and family tax benefits for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children to begin January, 2016 and immediately garnered bipartisan support from both the Labor party and the Greens.


Conscientious objecting Parents believe the government is putting them in the impossible position of having to choose between feeding and housing their families and vaccinating their children against their will and one father said   “This is not legal consent, it is unconstitutional and it is blackmail”


Human Rights activists believe this proposed move is discriminatory and will slowly take citizens rights and freedoms away. They believe that these proposed laws violate the “UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights”, particularly Article 3.1 and 3.2: “human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected [and] the interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science and society

Many attended the Sydney protest on June 21st  and chanted along George St “ Freedom of Choice Give me a voice. Give me a choice ” and banners included “ FREEDOM TO CHOOSE NATURAL TREATMENT” “FIRST DO NO HARM”  and “  OUR BODIES OUR CHOICE” “ JABBOTT DOESN”T CALL THE SHOTS FOR MY KIDS “ and the protest concluded at the fountain in Hyde Park.


Among the protesters demands
* Freedom of Choice- To choose to selectively vaccinate or not without financial blackmail or coercion
* Keep the conscientious objector’ clause in the legislation which accepts and respects individual rights for parents who choose to not vaccinate their children without penalty.

The Sydney Rally assembled at Sydney Town hall and speakers included
* Dr Mark Donohue GP and well regarded expert in integrative medicine
* Bronywn Hancock of “Vaccination Information Service”

& Producer of  the Documentary Vaccination The hidden truth
* Michael O’Neil President of the newly formed Involuntary Medical
Objectors Party

*A speech written by  Dr Viera Schiebner  Phd and read by a protest organiser

Dr Mark Donohue said in his speech
“ This is the time that we’re getting compulsory vaccination but it’s not being said its compulsory vaccination. Parents who don’t vaccinate are suddenly seen as evil but the ones I see care for their children and read up about it and understand the risks. Vaccines are trivial compared to other issues facing kids today obesity attention deficit disorder, asthma obesity ”


Organiser of No Jab No pay protests Damien Poulsen said
‘We  believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation and blackmail. We will continue to fight this medical child abuse campaign started by the Daily telegraph 2 years ago where they continually published articles attacking parents who chose not to vaccinate their kids. They never mention that Rupert Murdoch’s son, James in the past served as a chairman on the board of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and this might have something to do with their contempt against anti vaxxers”


Protest Organisers have questioned Why the media have done everything in their power to promote the “No Jab No Pay” policy commencing January 2016, when the truth is this bill hasn’t even been introduced into parliament? And why has the same media not cover or attend the national protests against this policy.
Protesters believe that like other medical treatments, they should all be free to choose if, and which, vaccines are injected into their children, and make this decision free from financial duress. Kathy Davis a mother who attended the protest said “Do you think an industry that routinely engages in criminal behavior might mislead us ? What about the Merck whistleblower suit? Big Pharma is more interested in profit than my kids health “

Considering the  current  schedule for vaccinations in Australia  are 8 injections (74 antigen doses) before 12 months of age, and 2 more injections by 4 years of age. The ingredients of vaccinations as stated on the insert include multiple chemicals, heavy metal(s) & foreign organism components: such as aborted foetal & animal cell components and DNA, formaldehyde, aluminium, antibiotics, genetically engineered yeast, MSG, potentially animal viruses and/or other contaminants. The Government lists a significant proportion of reported adverse events as “certainly” or “probably” related, including neurological, inflammatory, blood, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, renal, endocrine & skin conditions. It also lists among serious effects: sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, anaphylaxis and death.32 Various ingredients, when injected, have been linked by medical researchers to such disorders as auto immunity , cancer , infertility & DNA modification.

Some parents may wish to delay and many conscientious objectors parents who have witnessed their previously healthy children become damaged after vaccination will not concur. A single mother  in attendance who didn’t wish to give her name said  “This policy won’t make me want to vaccinate my kids but  will put us into poverty. I won’t vaccinate my youngest child as I have in the past and had to see my older son suffer the consequences of an adverse reaction that left him with a permanent disability.  I will always live a life of regret for the day I made a bad choice and no money will make me make another one“.


There have been numerous cases of children in Australia, who have been injured or killed after vaccinations, such as Saba Button Ashley Epapara, and the hundreds of children rushed to hospital during the Fluvax debacle of 2009.  Parents being forced to vaccinate their children for government benefits have expressed concerns about their children being injured or killed .mqdefault

Protesters are asking whether the government is ready to be legally responsible for any such injuries or deaths, especially as there is no vaccine injury compensation scheme in Australia. The World Health Organisation states that injuries resulting from vaccination can be “severe” and require a lifetime of care, and that it is an “ethical necessity” that a compensation scheme be in place. Australia currently has as no such scheme and protesters have questioned whether the government will provide for those who have suffered a vaccine injury. The USA has a “Vaccine Injury” trust fund that sits at 3.5 billion dollars.

The newly formed political party, “Involuntary Medication Objectors (Anti
Vaccination/Fluoride) [IMO]”, objects to elected representatives making and supporting laws that use financial coercion to compel parents to vaccinate their children using questionable medication. According to Michael O’Neill, founder of the “Involuntary Medication Objectors (Anti Vaccination/Fluoride) Party” (IMO) who also spoke at the Sydney rally said “these laws are just another step for the Murdoch Media, who will not be satisfied until they have compulsory vaccination for all. The impact on freedom and parents rights has staggering implications, and it is our commitment to oppose these laws and uphold the freedoms our forefathers died for”
How activists for freedom of choice can help:
1. Visit “No jab, no pay, no play” rally on Facebook, and sign up to indicate that you wish to participate and receive updates.
2. Use the social media tools on the site to announce your participation in the protests.
3. Make calls and write emails and letters to your Member of Parliament.
4. Sign petition on change, petitioning Federal Minister of Social Services, Minister Scott Morrison, to not punish parents with unconstitutional penalties for making an informed choice about their children’s health; all parents deserve to make an uncoerced choice!
5) Join the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Anti Vaccination/Fluoride) [IMO]”,

6) Attend next Nationwide protest against “ No Jab No Pay No Way?” on Sunday September 20th
For more information please email:
Facebook “ No jab, no pay, no way” Sydney Rally

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