Did you ever wonder if its really true that Vaccines have aborted fetal cells inside them? Here is a scientific study from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute called  Immunization using Aborted Fetus DNA

From Dr. Theresa Deisher, President, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute

“Just when the pharmaceutical industry thought the vaccine – autism controversy had been resolved, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee has recommended further study of vaccine safety. A perceived fear of the safety of the US vaccination schedule has lead increasing numbers of parents to opt out of full compliance. The numbers of children who are not fully vaccinated has now reached a point where ‘herd’ immunity may be compromised, compelling the CDC to hold town hall meetings and convene a Vaccine Safety Working Subgroup. Despite research ruling out mercury (Thimerosal) or the measles portion of one specific vaccine, autism continues to rise to a level of 1 in every 64 children in the UK. The NVAC draft report recommends further study of the potential for vaccines to contribute to autism in children who have underlying mitochondrial disease, a worthwhile study given the clinical history of such children developing autism after vaccinations (see the Poling case). What the NVAC has overlooked, however, in their recommendations, is that epidemic regressive autism is associated with the switch from using animal cells to produce vaccines to the use of aborted human fetal cells for vaccine production. Now when we vaccinate our children, some vaccines also deliver contaminating aborted human fetal DNA. The safety of this has never been tested”