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image.related.articleLeadwide.620x349.hvmma Jamie Mcintyre. Previous ‘Young Australian of the Year’ nominee and internationally renowned yet controversial educator. Founder of the political party  21st Century Author of “The Great Vaccine Con”  Publisher of Australian National Review and Vaxxed Inc.


judyDr Judy Wilyman PhD. Australia’s top vaccine expert! Publisher of Vaccination Decisions website.
Dr Judy Wilyman is an expert in her field. She has completed her extensive thesis through Wollongong University, ‘A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy,‘ which covers every aspect of both Australian and worldwide vaccination policy and the pharmaceutical company influences that you MUST be informed about!

This event has partnered with independent media outlet Australian National Review, which has proved itself as a news site for critical thinkers and debate. It has held big pharma and those spreading mistruths and deliberate propaganda about vaccines in mainstream media accountable. ANR has also recently launched the magazine Vaxxed Inc., which has been applauded for championing freedom of speech and creating a platform for open debate about the vaccine issue.

The night will feature a high-level exchange of ideas and information among concerned citizens, parents, researchers, scientists, doctors technologists, business executives and community leaders.

There have been serious concerns raised in Australia following the government introduction of No Jab No Pay/Play. These policies have stopped families of unvaccinated children from collecting part of the family assistance payments and they have recently prevented unvaccinated children from accessing preschool/childcare in many parts of Australia!

Dr Judy Wilyman PhD will be covering these concerns in depth and will speak on why the Australian government has mandated vaccines through these policies. She will be looking at herd Immunity, ingredients of vaccines, as well as chronic illness that is escalating in children as the vaccination schedule expands. She will also address the serious medical issue of the complete lack of effective surveillance of adverse vaccine reactions in Australia today.

Jamie McIntyre will speak on the fraud behind the vaccine industry and profits the industry has made in recent years. Jamie is a serial entrepreneur and a founder of over 12 companies covering media education and property.His company 21st Century Group has grown to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia. He will also look at the question of why Vaccines need to be made a political issue to change vaccine mandate in Australia.

In March this year Jamie offered $1 million dollars to anyone who could prove that vaccines are safe and effective – pharmaceutical companies, governments, nurses, doctors,..there have not been any takers!…/
So get your tickets now. Numbers are very limited!…

A webcast of the night will be streamed on Facebook.

Venue address will be texted/emailed 3 hours before it commences

12 minute walk from Town Hall Station.

Location is close to Darlinghurst, CBD and Kings Cross Parking Centre is nearby or street parking.

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Australia, Lets talk about Vaccines.
Freedom of Choice-No Jab No Pay No Way