PRINT off your copy of PETITION_Federal Request for Inquiry into Vaccines  as  per the instructions  and start collecting signatures and don’t waste any opportunities specially with meeting like minded people 


We, the citizens of Australia, will not accept government health policies which are coercive or discriminatory.

  • We believe in our right to bodily integrity. All medical decisions carry risk and so must be made freely, without fear of financial penalty, discrimination or institutional bullying. The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) states this clearly in their guidelines.
  • The Swedish Government recently legislated the position of parental choice on childhood vaccines. This was based on serious health risks of vaccines and the known influence that the pharmaceutical industry has on doctors and politicians.
  • The No Jab No Pay and Play policies are putting lives at risk. We will not allow politicians to decide how many vaccines are injected into our bodies or the bodies of our children – that is our right – not theirs! In Australia, the schedule has expanded from 7 vaccines for children in 1990 to 45+ injections in 2017.


We request the following immediate actions by the Federal Government House of Representatives:

–    The termination of all No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play legislation and proposed legislations.

–    Establishment of legislation requiring an INDEPENDENT Vaccine Safety Commission be set up by the Federal Government.

–    Establishment of legislation requiring that ALL Australian media owners, and their Board members, declare their financial conflicts of interest, particularly pharmaceutical, on all their websites and in all their publications.