If you want to help #bringchasehome please follow these instructions.

1. Print this letter  Chase-Walker-Steven_My-Will-Letter-to-NSW-Legislative-Assembly

2. Sign with blue or black ink

3. Take a pic with your phone or scan the signed letter

4. Send the pic through PM to Australia Bring Chase Home page or email to bringchasehomne1111@gmail.com.

5. Post original to PO Box 22, Virginia, QLD 4014

Once we have a significant amount in each electorate we will start contacting MP’s to represent us in parliament.

Originals of the Signed ‘My Will’ letters will be collected and delivered to NSW Parliament once we have sufficient numbers. The email copies of the signed My Will letters will be used in upcoming court cases. We have a very big court case this Friday the 6th of April and need as many signed petitions as possible showing this case is of significant public interest and “we the people” are informing the government of our will.

It’s time for the people of Australia to declare their will and actively demand representation.

Chase is only one child that needs to be returned, but every day away from the care and treatment his parents chose for him is a risk to his life!

Other ways you can help is to share this post (copy and paste these instructions so they appear above the letter), and print as many copies as you can and have your friends and family sign it.

Please take 5 minutes to help #bringchasehome.