Public Forum on No Jab No Pay Policy

Date/Time : Thursday October 15th 6-9 pm

Location: BON MARCHE studio

Level 1, Building 3, 755 Harris Street Sydney

Tickets :FREE but must RSVP at


Contact freedomofchoiceevent@gmail.com


(Monday October 12, 2015) Sydney Australia. Australia is currently amending its social welfare policies to mandate he expanding national schedule of vaccines to receive some government welfare benefits. In this legislation, the Social Services Minister is removing conscientious objection to vaccination (a medical intervention) based on ‘personal, philosophical or religious’ objections. This has consequences for personal decisions about medical interventions. Currently parents are required to use 12 vaccines in children under 12 months of age but this could increase in the future.
Yet parents are not properly informed about the ingredients of each vaccine. The new legislation will also change the definition of ‘general practitioner’ without any scrutiny by the public or the media. General practitioners under the new definition will refer to a narrower range of medical professionals. This is a method of selecting the scientific information used to support a public health policy. This debate is not about pro- or anti- vaccination, it is about discussing all the medical literature to ensure that the removal of informed consent cto a medical intervention is based on a legitimate
public health purpose.
A public forum is being organized to discuss the government’s reasons for removing the public’s right to choose vaccination in social welfare policies. If there is a legitimate public health purpose then the government will welcome the opportunity to answer the community’s concerns. A policy must be able to stand up to scrutiny by
the public on whom it will be enforced. This policy affects everyone – pro-vaxers, selective vaxers and those who choose not to vaccinate, and a forum has been organised to discuss this policy

A representative from the government (DSS/Dept.Health/NCIRS) has been invited to attend and explain the need for this policy and Judy Wilyman (PhD Candidate, Policy Development/Population Health) and Brett Smith (Naturopath) will also be presenting information and answering questions from the audience. This discussion will be filmed for a UTS student documentary and seats are limited A policy that removes the right to personal and religious objection to a medical intervention requires community debate and it is important to think of the consequences this policy might have for choices about other medical interventions.