For our children's health and well being.

Parents for Safe Vaccines- Sydney Rally 2017 No Jab No Pay No Way !!


+ Thank you to everyone coming to support our choices in medical freedom!
+ Our police permit is finalised to ensure a peaceful protest.
+ We look forward to a day of unity in NSW and to send a strong message to the government that No Jab No Play and No Jab No Pay are discriminatory and we say No Way!
+ There are an enormous amount of medical issues that need to be investigated and fixed within the vaccine industry.
+ So start making your posters now. We are a small but powerful force.
+ We will keep you updated until the day of the protest.

Lets unite for a peaceful rally.
Followed by a march to Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park.
Speakers. BYO picnic. Music. Children’s activities.

Kind Regards
The Sydney Team

# The payout to victims by the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is currently around $3.4 billion. Australia does not have a Vaccine Injury Program.
# In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” – Bruesewitz v.Wyeth LLC, 131 S. Ct. 1068, 179 L. Ed. 2d 1 (2011).



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The Origins of Vaccines Will Shock You!

Vaccinations were actually invented by the Jesuit Order by soldier, Francis Xavier as a method to poison the Order’s enemies. Edward Jenner was a Jesuit — who taught the medical world how to use the POISONED NEEDLE. He was the first to associate human diseases with that of animals. This idea paved the way for vaccination which is responsible for the deaths of multiplied millions of people around the world. The idea that humans and animals are related and share the same diseases led to the theory of evolution which is responsible for the spiritual death of multiplied millions more.

Lady Montague

Jesuits introduce inoculation from India using Lady Montague as a smokescreen. Lady Montague wasn’t even a doctor. Women doctors did not appear until over 100 years later. In the year 1717, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was the smokescreen that the Jesuits used to introduce this Indian religious rite into England. Lady Mary was not even a doctor. Inoculation or variolation was given the sanction of the Royal Family when 2 daughters of the Prince of Wales were inoculated. Barbaric as this religious rite was; it was the human disease of smallpox that was injected into the bloodstream. Inoculation was the FOOT-IN-THE-DOOR to prepare the people for something far worse. (source)


Vaccination—Vatican’s Medical Inquisition Revealed at Last!!

Vaccination came from the Vatican via Great Britain at the exact same time as Darwins “Evilution of Species”. Coincindence?

Definition of terms for this exposé. Vaccination and inoculation are often used interchangeably today.


To be immune from catching a certain disease e.g., childhood measles makes a person immune from catching measles for the rest of his/her life.


Injection of diseased matter of cows, calves, monkeys, pigs or other animals into the human bloodstream in order to make one immune from human diseases like smallpox.


The practice of injecting a human disease like smallpox into the bloodstream in order to make a person immune from catching smallpox.


Medieval Latin or scientific name for SMALLPOX – an exclusively HUMAN disease which is caused by the bite of a blood-sucking insect named Cimex Lectularius or thebedbug.


From the Latin word for COW. Name that was given to cowpox that Jenner injected into humans in order to make them immune from smallpox.


A disease of cows’ udders which is caused by milking cows with dirty or cut hands.


Vacca is the Latin word for cow.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.02.31 am.png

A calf is a young cow or bull. Lymph (poison) for vaccines comes from calves.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.02.37 am.png

A bull is a male cow.

Medicine man Edward Jenner was the father of modern vaccination!!

Edward Jenner—a quack doctor— was the father of the filthy practice of vaccination:

Edward Jenner S.J. (1749 —1823).

Edward Jenner was an S.J. — a Slick Jesuit — who taught themedical world how to use the POISONED NEEDLE. He was the first to associate human diseases with that of animals. This idea paved the way for vaccination which is responsible for the deaths of multiplied millions of people around the world. The idea that humans and animals are related and share the same diseases led to the theory of evilution which is responsible for the spiritual death of multiplied millions more.In the countryside in Gloustershire, England, where Jenner lived, the farmers had a legend or superstition that catching cowpox (a disease of cows which was transferred to the cows’ udders by unwashed or bleeding hands) would act like a charm or amulet to make them immune from catching the human disease of smallpox.Medicine man Jenner took this local legend or old wives’ tale and turned it into a scientific FACT. He did this by first getting somescientific credentials (M.D., F.R.S. – Fellow of the Royal Society). Next he wrote a book and on the title page only he used the term VARIOLAE VACCINAE. This means in Medieval Latin: smallpox of the cow. Thus associating a human disease with a disease of the cow. There never was such a disease as smallpox of the cowuntil “Dr.” Jenner invented it for the title of his book.

Jenner invented a new disease—VARIOLAE VACCINAE—smallpox of the cow!!


Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.03.46 am.png

Must Read! Full Jesuit Blood Oath (source)

To fully understand the origins of vaccines, one must be versed in Jesuit Conspiracy and who the Jesuits really are, including the Black Pope and the first Jesuit Pope in 600 years, Pope Francis as well as their militarized army, the Knights of Malta, of which George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, etc. are all members.  This video will help to give you background as well as my links on their history.

The vitamin lie Dr Brad McKay wants you to swallow

The vitamin lie Dr. Brad McKay wants you to swallow

By Charlie Noneya

Dr BradMckay
This is Dr Brad Mckay

According to Wikipedia, “The pot calling the kettle black” is an idiom used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. Never has this saying been more true thanks to Dr. Brad McKays article titled “Are vitamins doing you more harm than good?”.


Dr Brad Mckay as a GP is guilty of the very thing he accuses Vitamins of doing.


 Who is Dr Brad Mckay?

For those that don’t know Dr. Brad McKay is a GP & host of the show Embarrassing Bodies Down Under. His show has been so successful that a spin off version was recently created deservingly titled Embarrassing Articles in which, Dr. McKay once again takes a starring role. For his first assignment Dr. McKay suggests that taking high doses of vitamins and supplements could increase your chances of heart disease and cancer.

Given his recent involvement with the Skeptics and their continuous calls for pseudo-science enthusiasts to back up their claims with gold standard evidence based medicine, I expected nothing less from Dr. McKay’s article. Using my very expensive nit microscope that came free with the nit kit I used to treat my children’s hair, I scanned furiously through the article looking for the “recent” study he mentions. It seems however that Dr. McKay didn’t get the memo from his new pals at the Skeptics inc, instead opting for unbacked, misinterpreted false claims of a paper he dared not cite.


Rather than provide you with evidence to substantiate his claims, Dr. McKay offers many examples seemingly written for those with a third grade comprehension level. Six of these have been quoted below in bold. Case in point, the pot calling the kettle black;

Welcome to third grade.jpg
Dr Brad McKay has written a third grade level article
  1. “In a world full of modern conveniences it’s easy to think that we can solve our problems with a pill or a powder… Are we just fooling ourselves?” It seems Dr. McKay has forgotten the foundations of the profession he prides himself on are based on this exact theory.
Pharmaceutical companies are known for encouraging Doctors to over prescribe their products in the name of profit

Pill or powder




  1. “Australians spend billions of dollars every year on vitamins and dietary supplements based on clever marketing”. Whilst I don’t doubt the validity of this claim, the only vitamin and supplement manufacturers who I could find that were guilty of deceptive marketing were ones made by pharmaceutical companies. Contained within the study (spoiler alert, I did eventually find the study, more on that later) in question is mention of a One-A-Day Men’s Health supplement in which its manufacturer Bayer, claimed it could prevent prostate cancer. Despite null findings from SELECT, Bayer refused to stop its fraudulent marketing until after it was threatened with a lawsuit. Bayer is a pharmaceutical giant whose net profit for the period ended March 31 was estimated at AU$2.35 billion. A similar incident occurred in Australia less than a month ago where the makers of Neurofen were fined $1.7m for misleading customers on ‘specific pain’ relief range. Water off a ducks back for a company that has an annual turnover estimated at AU$13.8 billion. It seems Dr. McKay suffers from selective “Hear no, Speak no” syndrome. Rest assured, there’s likely a falsely marketed pill that can help you with this Dr. McKay and if not, I’m sure your colleagues will happily prescribe you something off label.
  1. “Scientific evidence hasn’t shown a significant health benefit from taking extra vitamins if your levels are normal”. Do you remember the study they did on non diabetics taking extra diabetic medication showing increased health benefits? Yeah, me neither.
  1. “Medicine prescribed by your doctor has gone through a rigorous process of scientific testing to examine safety and effectiveness”. This is true for most but not all medications and especially not true for vaccines, which are not required to undergo the same gold standard of medical research as other pharmaceutical drugs. Instead of using real placebos like saline, controlled placebos are used to determine safety which can only yield a positive result. There has also been NO study EVER done to determine the safety of the current (or perhaps any) schedule offered in Australia yet doctors are injecting thousands of children with up to 8 antigens in a single consult daily…. and up to 41 antigens by age 4.


  1. “Companies wanting to sell their products in Australia only need to fill out an online form, supply information about their product and pay a fee to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), but the product itself is not tested. The TGA relies on companies to tell the truth and monitor their own products. Apart from this trust system, there’s no way of knowing if you’re getting what you pay for, or even if it is safe to swallow” – Well, that just cemented my trust in pharmaceutical companies! Truth, ha! – The difference between any product including pharmaceuticals but NOT vaccines is that any products making false claims, or causing any adverse reaction, could be sued. Vaccine manufacturers are shielded from liability including the government and the doctor/nurse administering it which means NO ONE can be sued in the event of an adverse reaction to a vaccine even if the vaccine is tainted. This gives bad pharma all the reason in the world to ensure safety of their product right?
  1. “Products sold over the counter….may contain more, little or none of the listed ingredients. Some companies are doing the right thing, but others are taking advantage of the TGA’s self-monitoring system”. Without any evidence, one can’t take the legitimacy of this claim seriously unless Dr. McKay is referring to pharmaceutical products which are notorious for making false claims. Take for example a case currently before the U.S courts which alleges Merck, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine “”failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented, (ii) used improper testing techniques, (iii) manipulated testing methodology, (iv) abandoned undesirable test results, (v) falsified test data, (vi) failed to adequately investigate and report the diminished efficacy of its mumps vaccine, (vii) falsely verified that each manufacturing lot of mumps vaccine would be as effective as identified in the labeling, (viii) falsely certified the accuracy of applications filed with the FDA, (ix) falsely certified compliance with the terms of the CDC purchase contract, (x) engaged in the fraud and concealment described herein for the purpose of illegally monopolizing the U.S. market for mumps vaccine, (xi) mislabeled, misbranded, and falsely certified its mumps vaccine, and (xii) engaged in the other acts described herein to conceal the diminished efficacy of the vaccine the government was purchasing.” In case you’re thinking that this is an isolated incident, see here, here, here and lots more here for further examples of the many and regular cases of bad pharma fraud.

If you’re a free-thinking individual accustomed to the natural medicine bashing pharma supporting propaganda drilled into the population ad nauseum, then you’ll know that to make a lie truth, the media will repeat it over and over using varying sources. Having realised I would not find anything concrete within Dr. McKay’s article which proved his claims, I started checking for other publications in pursuit of this elusive study.

The first piece I came across was from The Conversation which has been described by Quadrant Magazine as a “one-sided,” “lavishly-funded,” and “staffed by left-leaning refugees from commercial news organisations’ withered operations.” In all fairness to the Conversation, I dare say all media outlets would be in the running to win the same or similar award if such an award existed. Alas, I digress.

Instead of trying to substantiate its claims with real evidence, The Conversations piece titled “Supplements are an expensive and potentially toxic lucky dip” elects to use anecdotal proof, the gold standard of medical certainty it seems. That proof comes from linking to another article which claims “Data obtained from national organ donation registries shows, since 2011, three liver transplants and three kidney transplants have been given to people who got sick after taking some kind of herbal supplement”. It later goes on to say that one man required surgery after just a few months of taking a supplement with green tea extract. You’ve likely heard the phrase “correlation doesn’t equal causation” however we can now see, thanks to The Conversation, that it does but only when it supports bad pharma agenda. If your child stops breathing within minutes of being vaccinated, it’s a coincidence but if you take green tea extract and need a liver transplant within months, then the cause is of no doubt. I sure hope those 6 people who had transplants didn’t eat chocolate, or drink alcohol otherwise there would surely be a call to boycott them too?

The Conversations tag line ‘Academic rigour, journalistic flair’ seems to believe that the pinnacle of academic rigour is based on using evidence from another media source without any obvious fact checking. With writing flair no better than that of a lemming on steroids, I moved onto the next link provided, an article published by The Guardian in April 2015. Here we find another link and mention that the study in question was from 2012 conducted by the University of Colorado. In case you missed the obvious, 2012 was 4 years ago, hardly recent. This now lends the question, why release these findings now? Could it have something to do with this study released by John Hopkins University last week which found that medical negligence was the third biggest killer of Americans, right behind heart disease & cancer? Hmmmmm.

The link provided by The Guardian direct to the University of Colorado Cancer Centre is where things become more interesting. With a similar eye catching headline as the other pieces, the page concludes with “Many recent news reports stemming from this news release present incomplete data” followed by a link to the full study. After much searching, there it was, the final piece of the puzzle. The actual study they used to make these outlandish claims.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Byers et al, the study reviewed several trials involving thousands of patients. The conclusion states;

“We have argued that dietary supplements should not be directly or indirectly marketed for cancer prevention”

And this;

“In the absence of convincing evidence…we probably do not need more trials in nutrient-replete populations”…. Ummmm what? Nutrient-replete populations??? “The value of conducting trials in populations with poor nutrient status has been shown….we will require studies that evaluate the impact of many years, rather than a few years, of nutritional supplementation”.

It also concludes by stating that scientists and government officials should encourage the public to make prudent decisions based on sound scientific evidence. And that’s it. The undeniable link between vitamins, supplements and cancer and/or heart disease and organ transplants was so glaringly obvious that they forgot to mention it in their concluding remarks.

So how could they make such a claim of link to cancer when the study’s conclusion doesn’t even support that hypothesis? Within the body of the analysis, it mentions; “Several antioxidant trials have actually reported increased risks with supplementation. The most prominent example, β-carotene and lung cancer…” However buried deep within that study is the admission that they used a synthetic dl-alpha-tocopherly acetate (50% powder) and synthetic beta caratone (10% water-soluble beadlets); all formulations were coloured with quinolone yellow”. This study also concludes by saying “…this trial raises the possibility that these supplements may actually have harmful as well as beneficial effect”. There is no doubt this synthetically produced nutrient void product was also manufactured by bad pharma. It does not take a genius to see that a synthetic product will not yield the same outcome of its natural counterpart.

So what can be drawn from this unrelenting witch-hunt against natural medicine? Don’t trust what you hear in the media and don’t quote anything you read as fact unless you’ve taken the time to check the facts yourself. Also, if you choose to use vitamins and supplements, see a Naturopath to determine what you actually need, if anything, and avoid purchasing any brands manufactured by bad pharma because you’ll likely end up with a falsely labeled, synthetic, watered down version of its natural source. I bid you farewell until the next installment of embarrassing articles by Dr. McKay.


Breaking News: Australian Family Terrorised


Breaking News! Please share far and wide this is happening in Australia and this family needs justice!!

Ben and Tanya Hammond, 2 days after the birth of their 8 week premature baby were forced into having DPaT vaccine otherwise hospital refused them access to see their premature baby in 2012. Both parents Ben and Tanya had the shots and Ben became paralysed within11 days of receiving the vaccines. Ben has been through horrendous health problems and although he can finally take steps now, however, from chest down Ben completely numb and is now legally disabled. Ben was a strong very health man working as a mine manager, however, now is unable to ever work again. 

Distraught is wife Tanya has been very public about NO Fault Vaccination Compensation Scheme doing TV, Radio and newspaper interviews since this happened. Tanya and Ben believe if they had to have the vaccine then there should be a compensation plan for injuries like Ben’s. Not only have they had to struggle with Ben’s health issues but also been left high dry with 5 children and a mortgage struggling on benefits? 

You would think that would be enough to deal with when Tanya was literally dragged out of her car and bashed for scare mongering against vaccines shortly after she was interviewed on local TV. Tanya had her jaw, windpipe and bone in her neck broken. The woman got off with and fine and good behaviour bond. Just where is the justice for this family??

Then just when you thought that the Hammond family had experienced more suffering than most people can even imagine….it just got worse! 

RE: Tanya’s story

At 6am this morning our family were still in bed when we got woken up by cops breaking down our front door! They removed us from our room (where we were sleeping with our 3-year-old) and they tried to forced Ben to the floor. I was screaming that he couldn’t because he is disabled, but they wouldn’t listen. I had to watch him trying to get down, but since he couldn’t they slammed him roughly to the ground and pinned him to the floor with a gun to his head. I was pinned to the ground with a gun against my head also but I kept trying to ask about my baby and trying to see where he was. Each time I tried they kept slamming my head against the floor yelling GET DOWN! GET DOWN! My baby was so upset but I couldn’t help him, I felt so powerless. 

My 11 yr old woke up to my screaming and crying just before he had his room raided by 10 police. They destroyed our 2 front doors, terrified and traumatised my family and when I asked what’s going on they said to wait till the camera gets here before they will tell us. Why would they need a camera crew when we had done nothing wrong? How long had they been planning this? 

A good 10 mins later (still pinned to the floor with guns pointed at us) the camera arrived. They told us they had a warrant to search our home for making and selling CRYSTAL METH!! I couldn’t believe my ears, they thought we were drug dealers?!? Our family is struggling to stay on top of all of the challenges that have tried to destroy us since the Whooping Cough vaccine took away Ben’s health and they think we have the time and energy to make illegal drugs?!? I just couldn’t believe what was happening? I was helpless to protect my kids and my disabled husband, watching them force him to the ground and my little boy screaming while I was pinned to the floor and I couldn’t help them…

They found Ben’s catheters and they categorised them as “sharps” they also took Ben’s medicinal cannabis plant that he uses for managing his pain and his smoking device he uses to administer it and they are charging Ben for that. HE NEEDS THAT to manage the constant pain he is in, nothing else works as pain meds cause him to urinate blood. 

Needless to say but they found NO evidence of any Meth or Meth making equipment so they put our family through hell and traumatised all of us for absolutely NOTHING! 

We need your moral support even more now than ever, if you can contact your MP and ask them to investigate our case and find out why and how this happened we would really appreciate it. I can’t help but ask, when will our family’s suffering end?


After reading local the newpaper today Tanya feels the media are reporting their side of the story leaving the public to believe that they are guilty of serious drug use/crime when it’s obvious all the police took from their house was one small plant and a pipe completely only used for medical reasons to help her partner condition as medical drugs make his condition far worse??


please help the Hammond family:

From one science denier to another

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.21.10 pm


by Brett Smith 

A memo did the rounds a few weeks back at News Ltd. Ease up on the ‘antivaxxers’. News Ltd. was getting nervous about the pro Bad Pharma, pro vaccine campaign they had been running in tandem with the US Government since the bogus Disneyland measles scare campaign back in 2013. Mission accomplished guys (sorry I mean girls, only poor old Claire Harvey and Jane Hansen had signed on for the mission, no real journalists required), let’s focus our attacks now on the Food Babe or Paleo Pete, acupuncturists and homeopaths, then we’ll move on to the herbalists and naturopaths.

At first I didn’t take much notice, you hear plenty of rumours in these increasingly paranoid days, but then along came The Age. Surely must be Fairfax’s turn to shoulder this urgent & heavy load. Talk about making up for lost time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.46.06 pm

DEC 10, 2015

Eighty children get chickenpox at Brunswick North West Primary, a school that calls for ‘tolerance’ of vaccine dodgers

by  Marissa Calligeros and Tom Cowie

Headline almost says it all in regards to attitude and bias. It’s the meaty story however that catches the attention.

“One in four of the children who attend a Brunswick school that calls for tolerance for vaccine dodgers has contracted chickenpox.” 

Jesus Wept!! One in four! Horrifying! But wait, hang on, a few sentences later,

“The Department of Health was first notified about the chickenpox cases on November 26.

“There are no firm figures on the number of students who have contracted the illness since then, but we’ve been advised that over the period there has been an absentee rate of about 25 per cent on any given day,” a department spokesman said.”

Oh, so you have no idea how many have chicken pox? Some parents may even be keeping their children home so as not to have any chance of contracting chicken pox maybe? Early holidays? A cold? No idea?

“Given the time of year, there are a number of other reasons which would lead to a higher than usual absentee rate.”

Oh, maybe the only piece of real journalism in the ‘story’? So there could be other reasons? So maybe 1 in 4 don’t have chickenpox?

Then it’s the poor old Principal’s time for a bit of name and shame with the vague hint that the “school” had previously asked for tolerance of those with “differing opinions on immunisation.” Guess this is how we came up with the “vaccine dodgers” headline?

What unbalanced pro vaccine story could you publish without a quote from the inept Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy.

“We’re significantly concerned about the myth makers who go out encouraging people not to immunise their children,” Ms Hennessy said.

“Get your advice from a doctor, not from some quack who’s opposed to vaccination based on dodgy science.”

Continue reading “From one science denier to another”

Open Letter to Jane Hansen from Sydney Freedom of Choice Protest Organiser

Jane Hansen Journalist News Limited


Dear Jane Hansen
I do apologize for that photo being put up on the event page for the NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY Protest Sydney page.  It has since been removed by admin of that page and I agree with you it is in poor taste.  Please accept my most sincere apologies.
I am a father of beautiful healthy toddlers that are not vaccinated and also an 18 year old daughter. And there has been written, some very negative press about me because I have the tenacity to stand up, legally, for what I believe in. I hope one day you could find it in your time to meet with me to have a chat.
There are many people that are upset with News limited in relation to alienating parents who choose not to vaccinate, partially vaccinate or fully vaccinate who also have reservations about the government policy on vilifying parents by taking away their right to have an education and family tax benifits, when in actual fact the government will still give a pension or a centrelink entitlement to known; pedophiles, serial crime offenders and murderers.It has been reported however, by the Guardian, that the owner of the paper you work for does have a connection with the Pharmaceutical Company GlaxosmithKline a huge manufacturer of Childhood vaccines.
So therefore questions are being asked by people as to the legitimacy of The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraphs  stance, and that of Mr Rupert Murdoch, on the issue of coerced vaccination. As previously mentioned it would be an honour for me to meet with you to have a professional and rational discussion about these issues and your view on the matter.
I hope this letter reaches you well and I also hope that you see I have concerns as a parent and an activist for truth, equality and human rights around health related issues, and I use my rights to voice my concerns on what I believe are draconian laws that will affect many thousands of loving and very well informed parents.
As you are aware we are having a protest rally  against No Jab No Pay in Sydney at 1400 hours, 20th November, outside the Sydney news limited offices and have many professional speakers including a GP. This event is completely legal and police from Surry Hills LAC will attend for the safety of the people attending and as this is the third rally in sydney that I have helped to organise i have a very good relationship with the police.If you cannot make it please feel free to have a reporter from 2 Holt st Surry hills to attend.
I for one will not be publically vilifying you or Claire. I only present facts.
I have read alot of your work and there are many amazing articles that you have written. And also I do understand the pains you have gone through as a journalist such as this quote you made on the ABC’s Australian Story!
“It still really upsets me. It’s been 10 years. I think what gutted me the most was that two children were without a father and a wife was without a husband. I didn’t feel as though I had a right to talk about how I felt about the story because I wasn’t the victim. In everyone’s mind, I was the perpetrator”.
I have no shadow of doubt that you are a decent woman. As I would like you to understand that I am a decent man.  I am just concerned with the Avenue that the corporation you work for has taken in relation to the NO Jab No Pay policy.
This is an open letter for you to respond to at anytime.
See that I am just in my words and my actions and that I am not a baby killer or a terrorist, but a very well informed father and a relentless and passionate activist for truth in the media and I will never give up.
My convictions are real and from my heart and nothing can stop the determination I have for truth, equality and fairness in this, what seems like a war, on so called ‘anti-vaxers’.
I note you stated in an email to me and I quote verbatim “…..And you’re right, I have little time for people who troll bereaved parents and even question the existence of a child who died an awful death. Nor do I have time for puerile men who allege I am sleeping with Rupert Murdoch. Do you medical degree, spend time specializing in immunology and I’ll listen to you then.”
Jane I personally have never “trolled  bereaved parents” and I am not sure what you mean by “….question the existence of a child who died an awful death”.
I do not nor have I ever questioned the existence of a child who died a horrible death. If you have proof of this show it to me?
I am available anytime, day or night, and am happy to shout you a lunch in any place you desire. From McDonald’s to the fanciest and most expensive restaurant in Sydney, to simply have a chat with you about what it is you really hate about people like me.
Without prejudice
Damien Poulsen
Sydney Freedom Of Choice Protest Organiser

No Jab No Pay…OUR SAY dedicated to the Unpublished submissions from the Senate inquiry

On 17th September 2015 an Inquiry was announced into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab No Pay) Bill 2015. This Bill, if passed, will take away government benefits from families who do not vaccinate their children according to the Federal government’s mandated schedule. 

The Community Affairs Senate Committee invited submissions to the Inquiry from the public and over 3000 submissions were received. Yet while the Committee decided to publish all submissions from organisations only a ‘representative sample’ of individual submissions were published, effectively dismissing thousands of individual submissions.

Around 96% of submissions published on the Australian Parliament’s website were opposed to the No Jab No Pay Bill. 

No Jab No Pay…OUR SAY provides a space where Australians who opposed this Bill and whose submissions to the Inquiry went unpublished can have their submissions publicised.

Through the process of a Senate Inquiry, these people expected their stories would be witnessed not only by the Australian government but by the Australian public and media. They were not given that opportunity. We present their submissions here on our Unpublished Submissions page.


Dear Jane,

Imagine the Daily Telegraph raging against conspiracy theories. I don’t know about you but I look at Rupert Murdoch and his crazy network of loons, kooks, and misfits at News Ltd, Fox News, the Daily Telegraph, Sky, and even his (supposedly) halfway-respectable Australian as major stains on Western democracy. Funded for a lengthy time of course by his Saudi benefactor, and of course we know the Saudi’s, in turn, were great friends and business partners of the Bush and Thatcher families who in turn….sorry I digress, burrowing too deeply down another rabbit hole. Amazing where the conspiracy can take you.

Most of us, however, would agree that our generation’s major fuck-ups were the Iraq wars. 1 or 2 take your pick. My vote goes to Iraq War 2 – Saddam’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction, The Empire Returns. How do you combat mass destruction without a little mass destruction? The Murdoch Empire was like a rabid dog in it’s push for both wars, his networks full of shiny medalled Generals arguing the case. We’d be pussies not to go right? Especially after what Saddam and Osama did to the World Trade Centres and all those Patriots on September 11. America!! Fuck Yeah!!! Oh wait, hang on Saddam doesn’t even like Osama and there ain’t no WMD here. Shut up Pussy and drop them bombs we got mountains of cash to make and oil to burn, move along peoples, no conspiracy here, nothing to see. So when you look at the Middle East today don’t forget Murdoch and his Saudi benefactor but please don’t use the conspiracy word, people will think you are a kook.

Murdoch has given his full backing to war, praising George Bush as acting “morally” and “correctly” and describing Tony Blair as “full of guts” for going out on a limb in his support for an attack on Iraq. On the war Mr Murdoch was equally unequivocal.”We can’t back down now. I think Bush is acting very morally, very correctly, and I think he is going to go on with it,” he said. “The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in the any country.”

As you can see not only is this guy an arsehole, he is a stupid arsehole. How did that $20 a barrel oil pan out Nostradamus ?

Who could possibly forget Murdoch’s infamous phone hacking scandals in the USA and the UK. Murdoch’s mob hacked grieving parents, kidnapped children, politicians and of course Rupert left them all to hang out to dry. Honour amongst thieves maybe but that obviously a code that doesn’t extend to media moguls. Conspiracy? Na.

“The reported hacking by News Corporation newspapers against a range of individuals – including children – is offensive and a serious breach of journalistic ethics. This raises serious questions about whether the company has broken U.S. law, and I encourage the appropriate agencies to investigate to ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated. I am concerned that the admitted phone hacking in London by the News Corp. may have extended to 9/11 victims or other Americans. If they did, the consequences will be severe.”

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV

Murdoch has also waged war on the working men and women of the West for his whole career. He attacks on unions and unionism in general have been consistent and ferocious. Who could forget his destruction of the UK print unions aided and abetted by that psychopath and fellow War Monger, Margie Thatcher.  Why any trade unionist would be seen dead with any shite Murdoch rag in his or her hands is beyond me. Any Australian that believes in true democracy should boycott Murdoch today. And while union leaders lately have made it easier to stomach this assault just remember that if it wasn’t for unions our children would all still be chimney sweeps. Well not Rupert’s children, just yours and mine.

Getting back to specifics though, Mr Murdoch’s latest ‘campaign’, along with picking our latest Prime Ministers, is his Daily Telegraph’s No Jab No Pay assault on a parent’s choice to decide the vaccination protocols families decide upon. Some families may decide vaccination is not for them at all, some families may decide to partially vaccinate, they will vaccinate against polio and measles only but look at other vaccinations like HepB and rotavirus as unnecessary. Some families might delay vaccination until their child’s immune systems have matured more. Rupert doesn’t like irresponsible behaviours like this and believes if you do not vaccinate on time, for the whole schedule, your family should be punished through a loss of tax benefits and social services.

Murdoch and (coincidentally) some US State Governments decided, after a measles outbreak at Disneyland where nobody died and nearly half those that contracted the disease were fully vaccinated, to mandate the vaccination schedule in the US and pseudo mandate via denial of services in Australia. His crazy rag started the campaign and our crazy PM, Tony Abbott, and his equally demented Social Services Minister, Scott (Fuck The Boats) Morrison jumped to Rupert’s call with an ill-conceived and bulldozed legislation. Once again, not sure if it’s just me or not, but surely anything a creep like Murdoch thinks is a great idea needs a long close look don’t you think?

Tanya Plibersek who I have a great level of respect for on most matters jumped enthusiastically behind two of Australia’s greatest political disasters with the Merck/GSK mantra, “Vaccines are safe and effective”,  “the science is settled”. Oh dear ! No surprises there though as Labor is known these days as Another Liberal Party. The great old Labor Party died many years ago and although there are still a great many Labor politicians around, the machine is too big and beyond their control and so they tow the party line, which has seen their primary vote melt like an ice cream on New Year’s Day. The bulk of their greatest supporters have had to leave for Greener pastures.

I was one of them. I resigned from the ALP and joined the Greens years ago after the ALP supported the Iraq war. The Greens are a great party full of great people and great politicians. I’m proud to have contributed to the campaigns of Kerry Nettle, Lee Rhiannon, Sylvia Hale, and the incredible Bob Brown. I had a little dustup with Dr Richard Di Natale at a Senate Inquiry into the No Jab No Pay legislation and it did not come without some personal pain.  I love the Greens and I love what they stand for and I admire Dr Di Natale on most issues but on this issue Richard is out of order. He is a doctor and he should and would know better. As a scientist you just cannot say “the science is settled”, especially in the case of vaccines where it is so far from settled it’s not funny. Einstein would not have the arrogance to say the science is settled and when I hear a scientist utter these words I cringe every time. You just cannot scientifically say “vaccines are safe and effective”. All vaccines? All of the time? To all people? Hogwash!

Close scrutiny to Murdoch’s vaccine agenda is instructive. Rupert has close links to the pharmaceutical industry as you will see from William Newton’s investigations.

“Andrew Wakefield was a respected British gastroenterologist who began research into digestive problems in autistic children in collaboration with other doctors in the UK, after being called by parents seeking help.  His work indicated severe digestive issues and he asked for more investigation of the MMR vaccine.

Brian Deer is the reporter who savaged Dr Wakefield from the pages of the Sunday Times, a paper managed by Rupert Murdoch’s son James Murdoch who is on the board of GlaxoSmithKline which makes the MMR.  Deer researched his case with the help of Medico-Legal Investigations, a private enquiry company whose only source of funding is the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.  Deer was both the journalist writing on Wakefield and the person who brought a case of fitness to practice medicine to the General Medical Council, and then wrote about the proceedings as well.

Parents whose children were treated by Wakefield were denied the right to be heard before a real court on claims against the vaccine manufacturers. The High Court judge who denied them was Sir Nigel Davis, whose brother is an executive board member of Elsevier, publishers of the Lancet which removed Wakefield’s 1998 paper on the subject, and is on the Board of GlaxoSmithKline.

With the London Times giving Brian Deer free reign to attack Wakefield, media closed in like shark.  Coincidentally, the head of Reuters serves on the Board of Merck, and Miriam Stoppard who writes at the Daily Mirror newspaper is married to Sir Christopher Hogg, who was Chairman of GlaxoSmith Kline in 2004.  Dr Kumar, the Chairman of the GMC Fitness to Practice Panel who ruled against Dr Andrew Wakefield, would not answer questions about his shareholdings in GlaxoSmithKline, and said there was no such thing as vaccine damage and that any parents who claimed that their children had suffered such would be treated with scorn and contempt.”

William Newton

This however is not about the safety and efficacy of vaccination. This is about the right to choose what vaccinations, if any, to administer to your child and at what age you want to administer them. It is also about your rights, as a parent, to question and have addressed any fears you may have about the procedure without being ridiculed by the likes of Claire Harvey, Jane Hansen, or the feeble Mia Freedman. If the science is so sound and robust why, 150 years down the track, are we still seeing the same concerns over and over again? And not just from kooks and quacks and helicopter mums but immunologists, doctors, scientists, nurses etc. Why can’t those voices be heard without the ad hom attacks from all the usual suspects. The science-less Skeptics, a lonely group of Star Trek fans with no friends and too many cats, whose fearless leader is a failed old magician obsessed with Uri Geller. Then you have the Friends of Science in Medicine, funded by the same sad old Skeptics, who really should just be called the Friends of Merck & GSK. Ha! And their criticism of myself and other Naturopaths are that we were “trying to protect our business model”. You gotta love these guys. If they weren’t killing hundreds of thousands of people a year that is.

I’m sorry but in a free and civil society every citizen has the right to discuss and question ideas and science (and, shock horror Governments and pharmaceutical companies) without the childish and feeble shouting down we see from the likes of Murdoch, the awful Mamamia, and the ignorant contempt from non-science TV commentators like (the most of the time wonderfully pleasurable) Carrie Bickmore. Real science does not support your non-productive commentary. And to be frank, I’m not sure many of the media types mentioned would know what real science was if it bit them on their Logies. Or their Walkleys .

Just because you believe mercury and aluminium are perfectly safe heavy metals to inject into your child doesn’t mean I have to do. I mean honestly what genius came up with the idea that mercury would be a good preservative for an injectable product? For a 2kg infant! Or aluminium for that matter? A fat soluble metal with an affinity for brain, nerve, & kidney tissue. Awesome! Chuck it in there, she’ll be right and even if she isn’t who cares? No legal liability for vaccine manufacturers or the dodo that administers it. Thanks President Reagan!

Just because you believe the polio vaccine was the greatest medical intervention known to man doesn’t mean I should be forced into vaccinating my one day old infant for HepB. Does it? What about rotavirus? Oh that too? What’s rotavirus you might ask as might you should.

Just because you think your poor baby can mount a robust antibody response to an antigen before the age of 1 years old doesn’t mean I do.

Just because you believe that the flu shot is a great idea every year even though the flu vaccine virus mutates faster than a Tony Abbott backflip doesn’t mean I have to get one. Does it?

Just because you believe that herd immunity theory can be applied to a vaccine like whooping cough where ‘immunity’ can wear out after two years (yes, please read the fact sheets) doesn’t mean I have to.

Just because you believe that same whooping cough vaccine stops transmission of the disease even though it was not designed to doesn’t mean I can’t point that out to you does it?

You see most of these hopeless souls telling you the science settled really don’t have a clue themselves and the ones that do have a clue and are still saying it? Well it is bullshit and they know it is, so the real question to ask is why are they still saying it?

As for Murdoch, well the science is settled. This shrivelled up, demented old muppet should be just drop kicked to the kerb. The damage he has been directly responsible for to western democracy and global justice is probably beyond compare. This man is a menace to a free society. Boycott the turd.

Brett Smith

Quack Conspiracy Theorist & Herd Immunity Skeptic.”

Should Rupert Murdoch, who has pharmaceutical investments, be allowed to influence government decisions, which affect our children?


“Informed choice means freedom of rights”

Pro-choice activists against “No Jab No Pay” policy announce a protest to debate the discriminatory and unscientific propaganda campaign instigated by The Daily Telegraph and the smear campaign against parents who have made informed decisions not to vaccinate their children.

(Sydney, Australia)  On the 20th of November the third Sydney NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY rally will be held outside of the News Limited office in Surry Hills to protest against the horrific, anti-human-rights campaign against parents who make an informed healthy choice for their children by not vaccinating them. Pro-choice parents believe that this agenda has been driven largely by Mr Rupert Murdoch who has pharmaceutical investments in vaccine companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The Daily Telegraph makes unscientific claims that unvaccinated children cause outbreaks and makes demands that children who are not vaccinated with state-mandated chemicals (which include mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and other toxins) be denied interaction with other children. There is much scientific evidence questioning the effectiveness of vaccines. Similar evidence on the vaccine manufacturers’ own warning labels demonstrate that the vaccinated population may be responsible for spreading disease. Freedom of Choice organisers allege that pharmaceutical companies endanger more lives than healthy happy families who exercise freedom to chose healthy and proven alternatives for themselves and their children. The policy and its supporters, including The Daily Telegraph, demands that unvaccinated children be barred from all social contact with other children thereby isolating them as social outcasts.

Freedoms of Choice organisers are demanding a public debate with Claire Harvey and Jane Hansen to discuss their involvement with the No Jab No Pay policy. Well informed parents who choose not to vaccinate, have been called “Baby killers and terrorists”. We are asking for a fair debate on these absurd allegations. Claire Harvey wrote “Anti-vaxers you are baby killers” (March 23 2015, The Daily Telegraph). This is an angry statement made by a woman who is paid and controlled by a very powerful man who has financial interests in pharmaceutical companies.The organisers and their followers also demand fairness and equality in the media, as there is a media blackout on freedom of choice information for vaccines.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.13.24 pm

Here is a photo of Claire Harvey, She works for a company with ties to Glaxosmith Kline and  has lobbied hard for the No Jab No Pay No Play to become a government policy.

Claire Harvey

One must ask the question, is it Mr Rupert Murdoch’s media or the government that controls our legislation? In another report by Claire Harvey entitled: “The Sunday Telegraph has scored a massive victory in our vaccination campaign” Claire Harvey ” (April 12 2015, The Daily Telegraph), we read the following:, “Today The Sunday Telegraph has won an incredible victory in our two-year No Jab No Play vaccination campaign”. The paper seems to be run by some with questionable regard for human rights who are prepared to promote pharmaceutical child abuse. Main stream media all but admits wanting to turn unvaccinated children into anti-social monsters and psychological criminals. This is the first time in history that an Australian newspaper has directly called for the medical abuse of children and seems to be happy about doing so.

We protest against the Social Services Amendment Bill 201, we speak up about our freedom of choice, we desire to highlight the influence the media has had on this policy. This policy is a punitive financial measure with no definitive scientific basis launched as a community health initiative. For some families, the changes to the exemptions will be financially devastating.

The policy appears to have some connection, in part, to Mr Rupert Murdoch, whose family has strong relationships to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). At a dinner held by the free market Institute of Public Affairs in 2013 former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had praised the efforts of Rupert Murdoch as one of the top three Australians who have most shaped the world.


Rupert Murdoch’s Son James has also played a role in shaping the public perception of vaccines. Since 2009 he has been a non-executive director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sitting on the board of its ethics committee. He was apparently head-hunted by the Chairman of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who held his record in corporate responsibility in high regard. It is interesting to note that within two weeks of James Murdoch’s appointment, and with the assistance of News international journalist Brian Deer, there were at least five articles published to discredit Dr Andrew Wakefield’s MMR research.


Clearly the science is far from settled. There are so many unanswered questions regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. There are also questions about the role of those with the power to shape public policy and public opinion for their own interests while suppressing safety and efficacy information.Informed consent is a component of basic human rights and we can accept nothing less.

Protest organiser Damien Poulsen States “This policy will unlikely raise the rates of vaccination for those who are already conscientious objectors and those who are well informed and loving parents. However it will financially cripple many already struggling low income earning families. Yet serious-crime repeat offenders, paedophiles and murderers have more of a right to a welfare system that has been created by the government in the first place and is now taking it away from those who really need it. Where there is a risk there must be a choice”.

WHO: “Involuntary Medication Objectors (Anti Vaccination/Fluoride) Party (IMO)”, “Vaccination Awareness Information Service (VAIS)”, conscientious objectors, concerned parents and human rights activists who support citizens’ rights to make informed choices.

WHAT: Day of action to oppose the governments “No Jab No Pay No Play” policy.

Invited speakers will be there from many modalities

WHEN: 20th November 2015 from 2pm to 4pm

WHERE: 2 Holt Street Surry Hills out the front of the News Limited office

For more information please email:

Facebook “NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY – SYDNEY” Sydney Rally

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