For our children's health and well being.





6 DECEMBER, 2020





COVID-19 has brought us together to stand for transparency and truth on all fronts.

Speakers include:
Fanos Paniyades, Naomi Cook, Operation Underground Railroad, Michael O’Neill, Romeo Georges, Brady Gunn, Neil Pascoe, Marelle Burnum Burnum, Michael Simms, Smokin Joe Mekhael, Leah Talipeau, Dr Kevin Coleman, and Youssra Yatim.


The A Stand in the Park founder is Brady Gunn. Brady speaks in Hyde Park, Sydney every Sunday between 10-11am. He stands for personal truth and Australian freedoms. He shares this quote regarding the day, “Let’s not confuse activism with action. Activism is about self agenda and buzzing on your outrage. Action is about doing something real to make things better.”

Michael Simms says, “FREEDOM DAY is a movement started by people that wanted to unite and make a positive difference. We will continue our endeavours to unite the community and make a stand against any and all wrong doings to the people of Australia.”

SYDNEY is standing in UNITY with cities across Australia holding FREEDOM DAYS this weekend, including Cairns, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane and Townsville.

We encourage everyone not to listen to FALSE information that may appear regarding FREEDOM DAY. The official FREEDOM DAY is confirmed and going ahead. We look forward to making history.


Freedom Day – Australia



“Without freedom of speech there is no modern world, just a barbaric one.”

Ai Weiwei
Famous artist and activist, China

Message from banned Solihin Millin

Hi everyone.  I’m the ‘old fella’ who got arrested twice by the Victorian Police because I object to this shocking Covid Scam sweeping the World
I am now an alleged ‘criminal’ awaiting two court cases in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court, one on the 7 February and another on the 1 April 2021, the first, because I allegedly incited people against the Chief Health Officer’s Directives, and the second, because I published my Police Interview, see

Both indictments apparently each with a maximum fine of $20,000 if I am found guilty.

I am also the Founder and a Trustee of and we are taking the Victorian Government to Court over this shocking Victorian Covid Lockdown, see
Facebook now continually blocks me, so I am unable to communicate with my 5000 Facebook friends and thousands of other supporters.
I would really appreciate it if you could tell everyone that we are continuing our fight against what we see as the biggest SCAM in the History of the World.
Also, if you are able, please consider donating to and/or to taking the Victorian Government to court
We have assembled an amazingly astute Legal team and have developed our Court Writs which we will file very soon.
God Willing we will Win and put a stop to this shocking Worldwide scourge and it’s shocking potential of Mandatory Vaccination, in body chip ID’s and shocking resulting Fascist control measures being sought by the Global New World Order, of which it appears all Governments of Australia are part.
We are all Warriors of Truth fighting for our Human Rights and the Rights of our children and their children to come.
‘The Meek shall Inherit the Earth’

May Almighty God Bless Us All.

With Love and Peace,
Sol 🙂 💕
Solihin Millin.

Freedom Fighter Solihin Millin


In Dan we trust
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  32. MISPRISION OF TREASON – Look The Meaning Up
  33. TREASON – Look The Meaning Up

Sydney March Against Mandatory Vaccinations

. “I’ve lived through the Depression and War but nothing is as bad as this, where people can’t speak up and express themselves about what’s going on in their own country.” Says my 94 year old Dad

Sydney Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination
May 30, 2020

By Christine Dale

The peaceful assemblage of over two thousand people gathered in Hyde Park on Saturday May 30th, 2020 for the Millions March Protest. People were protesting for basic human rights and the freedoms they were born with. They were protesting against a false lockdown, self isolating, social distancing, tracking apps, 5G being installed on mass during the lockdown, mandatory vaccinations, microchips and nanobots. They were making a stand by voting a NO CONFIDENCE in this fascist, tyrannical, treasonous government destroying our lives, our country and our livelihoods!

All over a false pandemic based on a false disease and false tests. People gathered with their banners, placards and sense of expectancy about what would unfold over the course of the afternoon. Brave, ordinary Australians had come out to ‘have a voice’ in life determining decisions, that our government is currently in the process of making a reality.  

“I can’t believe it is Australia!” my ninety-four-year-old Dad has kept saying to me over the course of the past two months, in the midst of the lockdown and subsequent terror being unleashed into the public psyche. “I’ve lived through the Depression and War but nothing is as bad as this, where people can’t speak up and express themselves about what’s going on in their own country.” He went on to say, “I fought for democracy and I can’t believe what’s happening!”

He would have come to the rally if he could have marched the distance and was willing to give me his war medals to wear but knowing how precious they were I was reluctant to wear them in case one dropped or was damaged. At his age, he could see and hear the political and medical rhetoric but couldn’t understand why people who were asking for their human rights to investigate the safety of vaccines were being ignored, shut down and silenced.

My Dad and I honouring Anzac Day 2020 during lockdown

I understood his anger, frustration and sadness that after all the sacrifices made by his mates and himself to live in a peaceful, democratic Australia his purpose and vision for his family was now under threat. As every post World War Two son and daughter knows, our fathers suffered physically, mentally and emotionally from their experiences of the horrors and aftermath of war. Even now my father has nightmares and rarely sleeps through the night, as the legacy of his time fighting for the freedom which we, up until now have enjoyed.

Yuin elder Uncle Max ‘Dulamunmun’ Harrison leading the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

Marching on Saturday, I was marching for all those men and women who had risked and sacrificed their lives, so we could enjoy the freedom and democracy that is now under threat. For every person attending the rally is a story, some similar to mine and given the wide age demographic of the marchers, many that are different from mine. 

So, who in the government wants to know our stories? Who in the media will print the truth and give us a fair voice? We are labelled, villified, condemned and patronised, as people who are anti-vaxers and scientifically ignorant.  As intelligent, well educated Australians the medical and media bias is astonishing. Not even a Parliamentary Senate Inquiry and frequent trips to Canberra to see politicians prior to the ‘No Jab, No Pay/Play’ policy could wake the majority of senators up to the perilous health trajectory they were endorsing for our nation. How dare we ask questions about the ‘safety’ of vaccines? How dare we question the vested pharmaceutical and media interests that lie at the heart of the corruption, that has attempted to brainwash our world, let alone our nation?  How dare we…?

We now say, “How dare the government bully and threaten the health and well- being children and adults alike?” We will not be silent! We have found our voices with countless others and our voices will become louder and stronger. “Evil persists when good people do nothing!” We are good citizens of this country and we will continue to speak the truth and demand the end to medical and political tyranny in our shared and much loved land.

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

America’s richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a ‘disastrous’ environmental, social and industrial threat

Getty Images
NEW YORK – JUNE 26: Warren Buffett (R) speaks to the media with Bill and Melinda Gates June 26, 2006 at a news conference where Buffett spoke about his financial gift to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York City. Buffett, ranked as the second-richest man in the world – just behind Bill Gates, said his $31 billion of Class B shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock, will go to the foundation where it will be put to use in work with health and education programs in underprivileged countries. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) source

John Harlow, Los AngelesSunday May 24 2009, 1.00am BST, The Sunday Times

SOME of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education. 

The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change. 

Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. 

These members, along with Gates, have given away more than £45 billion since 1996 to causes ranging from health programmes in developing countries to ghetto schools nearer to home. 

They gathered at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, a British Nobel prize biochemist and president of the private Rockefeller University, in Manhattan on May 5. The informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at “security briefings”.

The issues debated included reforming the supervision of overseas aid spending to setting up rural schools and water systems in developing countries. Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority. 

This could result in a challenge to some Third World politicians who believe contraception and female education weaken traditional values. 

Gates, 53, who is giving away most of his fortune, argued that healthier families, freed from malaria and extreme poverty, would change their habits and have fewer children within half a generation. 

At a conference in Long Beach, California, last February, he had made similar points. “Official projections say the world’s population will peak at 9.3 billion [up from 6.6 billion today] but with charitable initiatives, such as better reproductive healthcare, we think we can cap that at 8.3 billion,” Gates said then. 

Patricia Stonesifer, former chief executive of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which gives more than £2 billion a year to good causes, attended the Rockefeller summit. She said the billionaires met to “discuss how to increase giving” and they intended to “continue the dialogue” over the next few months. 

Another guest said there was “nothing as crude as a vote” but a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat. 

“This is something so nightmarish that everyone in this group agreed it needs big-brain answers,” said the guest. “They need to be independent of government agencies, which are unable to head off the disaster we all see looming.”

Why all the secrecy? “They wanted to speak rich to rich without worrying anything they said would end up in the newspapers, painting them as an alternative world government,” he said.

The original source of this article is Times Online (UK)

Protest letter against social distancing laws

This protest letter is being shared around Australia. Please share widely.

Let the government know that you are not willing to surrender your freedom without a fight!

Protest against the social distancing laws which are projected to last until a vaccine is found. There is safety in numbers, so if we all protest we can take back our power.

Please choose citizen or resident on this protest letter where applicable, and copy and paste this protest letter into a new email and send it to the addresses below

COVID-19 Australia protest letter – I DO NOT CONSENT

  1. I am a citizen of Australia concerned by the government’s response to the COVID-19 virus.
  2. I have been informed via press conferences by various commonwealth and state politicians and public servants and through licensed media consisting of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, mainstream corporate television and radio and print media of the following regarding COVID-19:

A. Effects:

  • symptoms are mild  and that the majority of sufferers fully recover.
  • the mortality is not higher than the regular/seasonal influenza. (ABS stats confirm this)
  • the average age of the people who have died is above sixty with some in their nineties and most those with pre-existing health conditions. 

B. Perceived risks:

  • shortening of the lives by a few  years (given the ages of those at risk) of a non-specified  number of predominantly older Australians. In this regard, COVID-19 is no different from the regular flu.

C. Government responses (Local, State and Commonwealth):

  • introduction of legislation to limit the free movement of Australians, police powers to remove people from public places.
  • punitive and coercive measures such as threat of financial penalties and imprisonment for people contravening social distancing/quarantine rules.
  • forced shutdown of thousands of businesses destroying the economic stability of generations of Australians’  lives. Many businesses will never recover.
  • directly caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs for Australians creating fear, uncertainty and the increased likelihood of potential mental and physical health problems.
  • increased government debt by hundreds of billions of dollars has been projected which would detrimentally impact the lives of all Australians (austerity) for ‘generations’ to come.

D. Projected outcomes:

  • marked increase in suicides under austerity measures due to the need to repay national debt for generations to come, based on historical evidence from imposed austerity measures on the public.
  • compulsory vaccinations which infringes upon sovereignty over our bodies and violates the Nuremberg Code, and the Declaration of Human Rights.

I have come to the conclusion, on a cost benefit basis, that all governments have responded in a grossly disproportionate manner to COVID-19. Attempting to protect the entire Australian population from mild flu-like symptoms for the majority, while trying to save an unspecified number of mostly sick and aged individuals, is grossly out of proportion to subjecting the entire population of ordinary Australians to mass unemployment, economic downturn and hardship for generations to come. Moreover, it will lead to the loss of freedom won by previous generations of Australian soldiers, psychological damage such as a projected increase in anxiety, depression, and suicide rate. Mandating social distancing until a potential, compulsory vaccination is available is economic and social madness and entirely reckless with dire consequences.

3. I therefore make the following declarations regarding COVID-19.

Referring to all levels of government in Australia, I officially protest against the government’s response to COVID-19 and hereby retrospectively withdraw any implied consent dating back to 1 January 2020 and do not give ongoing consent for:

1.       all legislation covering all portfolios both state and commonwealth that have been enacted in Australia.

2.       the borrowing of currency incurred as debt.

3.       government funded programs in response to COVID-19.

4.       all actions by Australian authorities, including but not limited to health officials, police, military or council officers that involve a restriction of the movement of ordinary, healthy Australians that has occurred or may continue to occur.

5.       the forced shutdown of any Australian business by any Australian government or government department.

6.       the introduction of compulsory or coercive vaccination policy through legislation and denial of the provision of services.

I expect that which I have detailed to be repealed and/or reversed both in legislation and in practice immediately.

The information in this document is Private and Confidential between the Australian Government and me. No information is to be made public by the Government or disseminated outside of the Government without my permission.

Yours sincerely,

Links to watch if you have time.

These are the politicians and media organisations that you need to send this protest letter to.

Channel 9 
Channel 7

Ray Hadley 2GB

Daily Telegraph  attention Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Peta Credlin

Government, Prime Minister & Cabinet

Now for the Bushfire solution

By Jannene Howse

Here’s the NWO way of achieving their goals

Create a Problem – Australia Bushfires right after UN Climate Action Conference

Fires result of arson & intensity by flammable nanoparticles sprayed over the land by chemtrails.

Then Reaction – shame & blame from Hollywood, leaders & climate nazis (not on the 200 arsonists mind you but on the PM for not doing more on climate change – they want him to issue a carbon tax )

Then comes the Solution – former PM Malcolm Turnbull proposes Green New Deal (like the US that is so despised) that answers the Popes call in March 2019 for a Ecological Conversion that has been Decoded in RNS by a catholic professor to really mean call for Sunday rest Legislation (which Revelation 13 reveals is the mark of the beast- the ‘mark of Vatican  authority.’  

(As reported at

So now it’s clear what this crisis and the shaming of current PM is about, pressure to tow the Vatican’s line to push for ecological conversion; ‘aka’ Sunday legislation.

The SL is the ‘mark of the beast’ that will be used to ‘be a green Sunday reducing carbon emissions & used to usher in the education for the ‘new world religion’ of paganism, connected to a microchip enabling you to buy or sell in the smart cities that people will be forced off the land to live in; connected to AI, 5G, facial recognition technology, high speed rail & likely ‘re-education camps.’

It’s all Revelation 13 happening right in front of our eyes but they’ve tried to pull the wool over our eyes so we can’t ‘see’…

“Whatever makes manifest (exposes) is light.” -Jesus

“What you hear in the ear shout from the rooftops.” -Jesus

“Only those who recieve the love of the truth will escape the last great deception just prior to Jesus return.” 2 Thes 2

“The truth will set us free” -Jesus

Truth is the sign of Jesus  coming was seen when the pope launched this climate change agenda in the US in 2015, heralded by startling signs in the heavens.

they will not stop at destroying the planet to create this total deception to make people believe a lie so they will all be damned. 2 Thes 2.

We are in the final countdown as the kingdom of darkness is taking down the key pillars of western civilisation to return it to tribalistic paganism – see the Amazonian Synod.

But God’s kingdom of grace and glory is arriving and his miracles that he did he will do again to protect and provide for those who trust Him.

So to get ready, ‘repent and be baptised that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come and he shall send Jesus.’ Acts 3:19-21



1894 Samoa measles PDF

MAY 19, 1894.]                                                                                                               MEMORANDA.                                                                                                     Tua BamaJouLEAL 1077



Savaii, Sainoa, S. Pacific.

UNTIL a few months ago measles had not entered this group. It was conveyed to Tonga, 500 miles south of us, by the New Zealand steamer Upolu in June last, and from accounts we have received it nearly decimated that group. The same steamer brought the contagium to our group nearly three months afterwards. Here, as in Tonga, the epidemic was at first mild. Comparatively few died in Samoa during the period of the fever and rash. The sequelæ and complications have caused the mortality. I have not been able to obtain accurate statistics of the deaths from this recent epidemic throughout Samoa, as the ten inhabited islands of this tropical and volcanic group lie between five parallels of longitude, or, with the intervening straits, cover nearly ‘270 miles ; but, judging from the accurate returns obtained here, including a fifth of Samoa, and also from reports obtained from missionaries and others, no fewer than 1,000 of the entire population of 34» died from measles up to the end of December, 1893, and nearly half of these adults. Since then there have probably been a few hundreds more.

The epidemic was not malignant. Our mortality has arisen principally from gastritis, enteritis, diarrhoea, and dysentery. A few died from suppressed measles. The craving the natives manifest for raw fish, unripe or over-ripe fruit, and especi811y half-cooked fresh pork, became morbid during the period of convalescence. Many, lest they should be told to avoid these, abstained from procuring foreign medicine. Nine-tenths of the deaths could have been prevented by care in diet. The worst cases of diarrhoa and dysentery brought to me yielded to treatment. Cases under one’s own personal supervision, and where instructions were followed, recovered. With the common strumous diathesis it has excited no surprise to see so many adults as well as children suffering from enlarged suppurating glands in cervical and submaxillary regions, and in groin, etc.; not a few had parotid abscess with suppuration. Numerous abortions and cases of premature labour occurred, but none died with ordinary treatment. Single and multiple abscesses are an every-day occurrence here, but these have multiplied nearly tenfold since the advent of measles. Before the rash had disappeared a large number of adults passed intestinal worms by the mouth.

Now that two months have elapsed since the last cases of fever and rash, a mild but persistent form of remittent fever is prevailing. This, with glandular and respiratory affections, are the most common ailments at this season. In the mission dispensary I am daily seeing cases of sickness the starting point of which was measles. The two epidemics of influenza at the end of 1891 and January, 1893, increased the tendency of the Samoans to chest affections. Measles will be found to have still further intensified their susceptibility to respiratory diseases ; and the frequent deaths, as well as the many debilitated natives one daily meets with, give evidence that we have not yet reached the end of the measles epidemic —an epidemic which will long be remembered, as not one of the entire population seems to have escaped.

meeting of the Pathological Society on April 17th could algo be seen. the raw surface, which was the posterior wall of the bladder, two apertures—the orifices of the ureter—were perceived, from which a continuous watery discharge (urine) Issued and kept the surface in a permanent condition of irritation and moisture. The trigone and the open neck of the bladder were seen in the space behind the separated pubic bones. The urethra, after a tortuous course, rose above the corpora cavernosa, which were developed. The urethra becoming thus anterior and in epispadias throughout the whole length formed an open canal wedged between the corpora cavernosa. The penis was not very much reduced in size.

The ectopia was operated upon by Professor Römniceano. He dissected the edges of the bladder, making a bleeding surface; then he cut two lateral flaps. He turned the left flap over the bladder skin inwards, and stitched the edges of the flap to the bleeding edges of the bladder. On this flap he applied the second flap, which was cut a little more obliquely from the right side in order to twist it so that the skin came upwards, and the raw bleeding surface wag turned backwards toward the raw surface of the first flap. Both were fixed together by several sutures. The gap between the pubic bones was left untouched, as an opening for the flow of the urine. Nothing could be done to the epispadias on account of poorness of tissues and the curious disposition of the urethra.

The course of the case was at first only partially satisfactory. The edges of the upper flap sloughed a little, and some phosphatic concretions accumulated in the catheter which was left in the bladder. But, after a good deal of trouble and time, we succeeded in forming a small cavity as a bladder, scar tissue hiding entirely from view the raw surface of the ectopia. The patient left the hospital wearing a urinal especially made for him.l

Belsize Road, N.W.                                                        A. GASTEE, M.D., M.R,C.P.


FOR permission to publish the following case I am indebted to Drs. Renton and Smith, of Chester-le-Street.

A miner, aged 17, was first seen at 8.45 A.M. on May 12th, after being crushed in the pit. He was in a very collapsed condition, the pulse at the wrist being almost imperceptible. He lay on the bed with his knees drawn up and complained of severe abdominal pain. The abdomen was rigid and board-like, but presented no bruise. The tenderness and rigidity were most marked in the left umbilical and lumbar regions. There was no abdominal respiration and no dulness could be discovered.

On returning two hours later with a catheter he was found to have passed spontaneously a quantity of clear urine ; he also had slept for an hour, morphine and strychnine having been admimstered subcutaneously. There was still no dulness to be detected and the normal liver dulness was absent. The abdomen was distended and very tender.

Collapse increased during the remainder of the day and early in the afternoon vomiting set in, at first gastric then bilious but never bloody nor fæcal. The next morning, at 9.45, he passed a normal stool and died immediately afterwards, twenty-eight hours after the injury. The extreme collapse rendered operation from the first almost hopeless, and the sanitary surroundings finally decided against that


Post-mortem  evidence whatever of exe ternal injury was discoverable. On opening the abdomen the intestines were found covered with a fibrinous exudation, on removal of which the vessels were seen to be much injected. Just to the left of the spine the small intestine was ruptured about the middle of the jejunum. The rupture was transverse and involved the whole of its circumference with the exception of about one-eighth of an inch at the attachment of the mesentery, which latter was slightly bruised. The bowel itself was only crushed for a distance of about a quarter of an inch on each side of the rent, the edges of which were thickened and oedematous. Only about 5 j of blood had

i The full record of this case, with illustrations, was published by a colleague of mine, Dr. Marinesco, in the Journal Spitalut of the same year.




IN the year 1887 1 had under my care in Professor Römniceano’s surgical department of the Children’s Hospital at Bucharest a case of ectopia vesicæ, the record of which can be summed up as follows :

The patient was a male child, aged 7 years. In the hypogastric region was an oval raw-looking surface, occupying the position of the bladder, firmly adherent to the abdominal walls and forming a part of it. No hernia was present. The pubic bones were separated, and the condition of the pubovesical muscles EO ably described by Mr. Shattock at the


The dark history of Halloween

“This is something that’s happening every Halloween.”

“It’s quite ironic how one group of people are thinking it’s fun, and another group of people are taking human life, and yet there seems to be this wall, and nobody wants to face the facts of what’s really going on because it is dark, it is negative and what you think is just fun gives massive power to those who rule over us. While they torture and sacrifice children a frenzy, the people celebrate it in the streets.”

Former Satanist, Glenn Hobbs

While there are some people who may be concerned about the origins of halloween and it’s focus on blood, death, horror and the occult, to millions of youngsters across the nation it has been adopted as a time to pursue scary fun. It is an opportunity to dress up in ghoulish or fanciable costumes, to engage in the fantasy of being a witch or a vampire, ghost or devil. Eager “trick-or-treaters” solicit candy door to door or bob for apples at Halloween parties. Others brave haunted houses and horror movie marathons, while the more daring visit cemeteries at midnight, play with ouija boards and hold séances in an effort to contact spirits of the dead.

One of the biggest promoters of halloween is the public school system. School sponsored halloween-themed activities often include dances, costume contests, carnivals and arts and crafts projects.

When you hear the word “halloween” what images appear? What “spirit” is invoked at the whisper of Halloween? Halloween openly promotes death, devils, witches and flagrant “appearances of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22). Halloween leaves most people scratching their heads questioning, “How and where did Halloween come from”? This article unearths the hellish tomb of Halloween to exhume its sinister “covenant with death and hell.”

Halloween began over 2,000 years ago among the Celts and their pagan priests called the Druids. The Druids are, without question, history’s king of the occult. Witchcraft, Satanism, paganism and virtually all facets of the occult acquire instruction from the Druids. From the popular jack-o’-lantern, trick-or-treat, costumes, to the pranks, ghoulish ghosts, demons, goblins and witches – Halloween owes its morbid birth to the Druids.

Halloween—the day itself is of Druidic origin. (Myers, Robert J. Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays, p. 258)

The mystic rites and ceremonies with which Hallow’en was originally observed had their origin among the Druids. . . (Douglas, George William. The American Book of Days, p. 566)

The Druids celebrated two special nights of the year: Beltane and Samhain. Beltane took place on May 1 and marked the birth of summer. Samhain occurred on November 1 and signified the death of summer. Samhain, a night celebrating death and hell, was the Druids most important ritual. It was a terrifying night of human sacrifices. And it was the original Halloween.

The Druids believed, during Samhain, the mystic veil separating the dead from the living opened. The Druids taught these roaming spirits loosed on Samhain went searching for a body to possess. The frightened Celts would masquerade as demons, evil spirits and ghosts, hoping to convince the roaming evil spirits, they were another evil spirit, and leave them alone. The Celts also prepared meals as “treats” to appease the evil spirits from “tricks” or malicious acts; hence our custom of “trick or treat.” The Druids performed horrifying human sacrifices and other vile rituals during Samhain. Let there be no doubt—Samhain night was a terrifying “covenant with death, and with hell.” And let there be no doubt – Samhain was the original Halloween night.

All histories of Halloween inevitably wind back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. . . (Skal, David J. Death Makes a Holiday: The Cultural History of Halloween, p. 20)

Halloween had its origins in the festival of Samhain among the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2005 “Halloween”)

Halloween can be traced directly back to Samhain, the ancient Celtic harvest festival honoring the Lord of the Dead. (Thompson, Sue Ellen. Holiday Symbols and Customs, p. 251)

The rituals of the Druids reek from the deepest hell. Their most repulsive activities involve their human sacrifices of children on the night of Samhain or Halloween.

First-born sacrifices are mentioned in a poem in the Dindshenchas, which records that children were sacrificed each Samhain . . . (Rogers, Nicholas. Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night, p. 17)

Halloween. That was the eve of Samhain . . . firstborn children were sacrificed. . . Samhain eve was a night of dread and danger. (National Geographic. May 1977, pp. 625-626)

The Druids would drink their victim’s blood and eat their flesh.

They [Druids] sacrificed victims by shooting them with arrows, impaling them on stakes, stabbing them, slitting their throats over cauldrons (and then drinking the blood). . . (Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, p. 167)

Therefore we cannot too highly appreciate our debt to the Romans for having put an end to this monstrous cult, whereby to murder a man was an act of the greatest devoutness, and to eat his flesh most beneficial. (Pliny, Natural History, xxx, 13)

The Druids “counted it an honourable thing” to eat their father’s flesh and perform incest with their mothers and sisters.

. . . since they are man-eaters as well as heavy eaters, and since, further, they count it an honourable thing, when their fathers die, to devour them, and openly to have intercourse, not only with the other women, but also with their mothers and sisters;. . . (Strabo, Geography)

May I remind you, this is what occurred on the original Halloween night! Today, Halloween lives and breathes with the foul stench of the diabolical Druids.

The Druids also celebrated the festival of Beltane. The word Beltane (Beltaine, Beltinne, Beltain, Beiltein) literally means the “fires of Bel.” Bel is the same god called Baal, found over 80 times in the King James Bible. The Lord condemns Baal worship probably more than any other false “god.”

. . . then the Druids lit the Baal-Tinne, the holy, goodly fire of Baal. (Wilde, Lady Francesca Speranza. Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland)

The god whom the Druids worshipped was Baal, as the blazing Baal-fires show, and . . . children were offered in sacrifice to Baal. (Hislop, Alexander. The Two Babylons, p. 232)


The original Halloween was a hellish night of Baal worship and child sacrifice. And most of our current Halloween customs derived directly from Baal rituals!

On November first was Samhain [Halloween] . . . Fires were built as a thanksgiving to Baal. . . (Kelley, Ruth Edna, The Book of Hallowe’en, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co. Boston, 1919)

The mystic rites and ceremonies with which Hallow’en was originally observed had their origin among the Druids . . . ancient Baal festivals from which many of the Hallow’en customs are derived. (Douglas, George William. The American Book of Days, p. 569)

Baal is also a synonym for the devil. (Burns, Cathy. Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 327)

Halloween glorifies death in worship to Baal or the devil!

The Druid festival of Samhain was a celebration of death. Strutting its hellish death images of skulls, skeletons, ghosts, demons, devils and incarnate evil – today’s Halloween glorifies Death. David Skal titled his history of Halloween—Death Makes a Holiday:

The grand marshal of the Halloween parade is, and always has been, Death. (Skal, David J. Death Makes a Holiday: The Cultural History of Halloween, p. 18)

Halloween can be traced directly back to Samhain, the ancient Celtic harvest festival honoring the Lord of the Dead. (Thompson, Sue Ellen. Holiday Symbols and Customs, p. 251)

The Devil glorifies death. Hebrews 2:14 says, “. . . that through death he [Jesus] might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;” Proverbs 8:36 says all they that hate the Lord “. . . love death.” Revelation 6:8 says the rider of the antichrist’s pale horse, “. . . and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”


Understanding the hellish history of Halloween—why in the world did decent people so embrace it? What magic “trick” transformed rancid Samhain into the giddy Halloween?

As the Catholic missionaries swarmed Britain and Ireland seeking the mass conversion to Catholicism their orders from Pope Gregory in 601 A.D. was to cunningly convert the Druid rituals into Catholic rituals. The Catholics converted the ritual of Samhain into the festival of All Saint’s Day, a day of celebration and prayer to dead “Saints.”

Halloween begins well over 2,000 years ago in the British Isles. Here, we find the holiday stripped to its most essential element: a night when Celtic tribes communed with the spirits of the ancestral dead. These grand and glorious pagan celebrations were assimilated by the Catholic church. . . Rather than extinguish old customs, the church leaders provided Christian versions of them: from the Middles Ages on, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day replaced the ancient Celtic celebrations of the dead. (Bannatyne, Lesley Pratt, Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History, Facts on File, Inc., New York, 1990 p. x)

The Catholic festival of All Saints Day was also known as All Hallows Day, with the word “hallow” replacing “saints.” The day before All Hallows Day (October 31) was recognized as All Hallows Eve. Eventually, All Hallows Eve became Hallows Eve; hallow’even; hallow’en and ultimately today’s Halloween.

All Saints’ Day perpetuated the pagan Samhain of November Eve. (Bonwick, James, Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions, Dorset Press, 1984 (1986ed), p.87)

Many traditional beliefs and customs associated with Samhain . . . continued to be practiced on 31 October, known as the Eve of All Saints, the Eve of All Hallows, or Hallows Even. It is the glossing of the name Hallow Even that has given us the name Hallowe’en. (Santino, Jack editor, Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life, The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN 1994 p. xvi)

In 835, Pope Gregory IV “blessed” All Saint’s Day as a sacred “day of obligation,” consequently on that day, the Catholic Church officially “ordained” Halloween. Halloween owes its very life and breath to the “blessing” of the Catholic Church. Samhain would have breathed its last breath many years ago if not for the “ordination” of the Catholic Church.

Few holidays have a stranger or more paradoxical history than Halloween. Technically, it is the vigil of All Saints Day, observed by Roman Catholics . . . Halloween has clear connections with the rites of the druidic priests. . . (Douglas, George William, revised by Helene Douglas Compton, The American Book of Days, The H.W. Wilson Company, New York, 1948, p. 741)

A perverse and blasphemous twist to Halloween concerns the name “Halloween.” The word “hallow” means “holy, sanctify or consecrate.” The popular Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9 begins with, “. . . Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. . .” The label “hallow” belongs to God the Father—Hallowed be thy name. Halloween was a night sacrificing young children to the worship of Baal. It is no accident that the name of history’s most hellish night, glorifying “death and hell,” wears God the Father’s holy name of “hallow.” The blasphemous name of “Halloween” clearly bears the fingerprints of Lucifer as found in Isaiah 14:12, “. . . I will be like the most High.”


While Halloween masquerades as childish fun and frolic, it’s serious business in the occult world. Witchcraft, Wicca, Satanism and paganism believe, on the night of Halloween, devils and spirits are unleashed. They perform their most hideous and potent rituals on the night of Halloween.

Samhain: This is the “Witch’s New Year” and the primary Sabbat from which all others flow. (RavenWolf, Silver. Teen Witch, p. 42)

Halloween is one of the four major Sabbats celebrated by the modern Witch, and it is by far the most popular and important of the eight that are observed. . . Witches regard Halloween as their New Year’s Eve, celebrating it with sacred rituals. . . (Dunwich, Gerina. The Pagan Book of Halloween, p. 120)

Halloween is also among Satanism’s most cherished days. Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible writes:

After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween. (LaVey, Anton Szandor. The Satanic Bible, p. 96)

Satanic High Priestess Blanche Barton, on The Church of Satan web site, praises Halloween:

It [Halloween] gives even the most mundane people the opportunity to taste wickedness for one night. They have a chance to dance with the Devil . . . I see Satanists all over the world meeting in small groups this night and Hallowe’ens 500 years hence, to raise a glass to the Infernal Hosts. . .

The Satanic Calendar decrees for Halloween: “One of the two most important nights of the year. . . Blood and sexual rituals. Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice—male or female.” (

Former occultist Johanna Michaelsen reveals, “Halloween is also a prime recruiting season for Satanists.” (Michaelsen, Johanna. Like Lambs to the Slaughter, p. 192)


The ornaments decorating Halloween came directly from the Druids and the occult.

The popular associations of Halloween are derived from ancient Celtic and Druid pagan religious customs. (Mather, George A. and Larry A. Nichols. Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult, p. 237)

Samhain was a vital part of Celtic culture, its rituals were passed from generation to generation through the oral tradition of the Druids. The genesis of many of America’s Halloween traditions can be found in these ancient celebrations . . . (Bannatyne, Lesley Pratt, Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History, Facts on File, Inc., New York, 1990 p. 6)

WITCHES are the reigning Queen of Halloween. If you’ve been lullabied by the gospel of Halloween that witches are harmless folks, wake up, witches worship the devil:

In many instances, according to the confessions of the witches, besides their direct worship of the devil, they were obliged to show their abhorrence of the faith they had deserted by trampling on the cross, and blaspheming the saints, and by other profanations. (Spence, Lewis. An Encyclopedia of Occultism, p. 433)

The witches held a party at Hallowe’en and the women . . . sold their soul to the devil, would put a stick in their beds anointed with the fat of murdered babies. . .(Douglas, George William. The American Book of Days, p. 569)

Although witches vigorously protest they have no dealings with the devil, under the heading, “A Witch’s God,” the popular witch’s training manual, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice, plainly states:

A Witch’s God. . . He is . . . Lord of the Underworld [Hell] . . . He is named . . . Baphomet . . . Lucifer . . . Baal. . . (Angeles, Ly de. Witchcraft: Theory and Practice, p. 60)

The Lord God’s judgment upon witches should not be taken lightly.

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Exodus 22:18

JACK-O’-LANTERN: If Witches are the Queen of Halloween, the smiling jack-o’-lantern is the King. The demonic jack-o’-lantern leaves most historians baffled tracing its spooky origin. One popular tale, tells of Jack who tricked the devil in a deal for his soul. But the origin of the jack-o’-lantern is much more sinister. It arrives from the Druid’s ghastly reverence of the severed human head! They proudly decorated their houses and temples with bloody severed heads. The Druids believed the head housed the soul, hence the light or candle in the skull. The original jack-o’-lantern was not a pumpkin or turnip, but a severed human head!

Trophy, charm, or ornament, the human head figured prominently in Celtic life. Warriors hung enemy heads on their houses as a show of prowess, and Druids, believing that the head harbored the soul, placed skulls in sanctuaries to ward off evil. (National Geographic, May 1977, p. 603)

. . . they hang the heads of their enemies from the necks of their horses, and, when they have brought them home, nail the spectacle to the entrances of their homes. . .(Strabo, Geography)

It is believed that faces, rather than other images or symbols, were originally carved onto the pumpkin because they gave the jack-o’-lantern the look of a head. The Celts of ancient times believed that the head was the most sacred part of the human body, for it housed a person’s immortal soul. (Dunwich, Gerina. The Pagan Book of Halloween, p. 32)

. . . the jack-o’-lantern is generally presented in its traditional form as a festive euphemism for the death’s-head, the triangular nose hole and rictus grin being the “dead” giveaways. (Skal, David J. Death Makes a Holiday: The Cultural History of Halloween, p. 38)

Carved and illuminated by a candle, they are symbolic of death and the spirit world. (Thompson, Sue Ellen. Holiday Symbols and Customs, p. 256)

TRICK OR TREAT is another Druid inspired custom.

Every year on Halloween, many children throughout the world dress up in costumes and go door to door in a ritual known as trick or treating . . . unaware that their innocent masquerade is actually the remnants of a Druidic religious practice from times most ancient. (Dunwich, Gerina. The Pagan Book of Halloween, p. 11)

Whatever the wrinkles, the root assumption is the same: trick or treat had its beginning in the Celtic dawn. (Santino, Jack. Halloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life, p. 82)

MASKS & COSTUMES: Masks and costumes carry a long history in the occult and demon possession. Masks are contacts to the spirit world to invite the spirit to “possess” them.

In rituals, a person wearing a mask of a god or spirit often feels possessed by the supernatural being. . . (World Book 2005, p. 263)

The person wearing the mask feels internally transformed and takes on temporarily the qualities of the god or demon represented by the mask. (Biedermann, Hans. Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 218)

BAT: “One of the animal shapes commonly used by these demons (or “familiars,” as they were often called) was the bat. Bats and their blood were also used in the casting of spells (especially those of black magick), the brewing of potions. . .” (Dunwich, Gerina. The Pagan Book of Halloween, p. 29)

OWL: “On Halloween night, demons in the form of owls were said to have traveled with Witches and their cats . . . some were even believed to be Witches in disguise. . . (Interestingly, the owl was called a strix by the Romans—a word that means “Witch.”)” (Dunwich, Gerina. The Pagan Book of Halloween, p. 43)

“BLACK CATS were associated with darkness and death . . . they embodied demons who performed the witches’ task of maleficia against their neighbors. . . Black cats are said to be the devil himself.” (Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, p. 49)

APPLES: “The practice of bobbing for apples at a Halloween party comes form our Pagan ancestors, who highly valued apple magick.” (RavenWolf, Silver. Teen Witch, p. 42)

SKULL: “An interesting symbol, the skull . . . It is prominent in Witchcraft and Demon worship as a celebration of death.” (Burns, Cathy. Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 388)

The uneducated and ignorant will defend Halloween and call this fear mongering but when you really look into the origins of Halloween and some of the most powerful families in the world promoting it you see who is actually promoting fear and celebrating evil.

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