On 17th September 2015 an Inquiry was announced into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab No Pay) Bill 2015. This Bill, if passed, will take away government benefits from families who do not vaccinate their children according to the Federal government’s mandated schedule. 

The Community Affairs Senate Committee invited submissions to the Inquiry from the public and over 3000 submissions were received. Yet while the Committee decided to publish all submissions from organisations only a ‘representative sample’ of individual submissions were published, effectively dismissing thousands of individual submissions.

Around 96% of submissions published on the Australian Parliament’s website were opposed to the No Jab No Pay Bill. 

No Jab No Pay…OUR SAY provides a space where Australians who opposed this Bill and whose submissions to the Inquiry went unpublished can have their submissions publicised.

Through the process of a Senate Inquiry, these people expected their stories would be witnessed not only by the Australian government but by the Australian public and media. They were not given that opportunity. We present their submissions here on our Unpublished Submissions page.